You have to do better in your shop, or close it down

I thought I’d give you all a second chance, after the hub issue. I checked, and you had a sensor and three add-on switches. Decided to get from you rather than Amazon. There was no indication anything was back ordered.

As soon as I checked out, there it was: the add-on switches are backordered. I could have gotten these at Amazon, and got them the same time as my other stuff. Now I can’t finish my work until you all feel like sending them.

And there’s no way to cancel the order.

I won’t shop from you again. My mistake for giving you a second chance.

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Hey @Shelley_Powers,

Sorry about that. Definitely send our support a message they will get you sorted out :smile:

Have you contacted I am sure they would be glad to cancel your order.

I’ll contact them, see if they can cancel out just the add-ons.

I do appreciate how fast you all are for responding in the forum.

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I had a hub on order here but when they became available on Amazon I contacted support and they canceled that part of my order no problems.

Yes, ended up cancelling all of the order. I’ll do the sensors separately.

But SmartThings really does need to work on store front. Nowadays, people expect more finite control over orders. Yes, customer service does respond quickly (and is very polite), but it’s more efficient for everyone if the order control capability is built into the store front. At a minimum, give us the ability to cancel an order without having to go to customer service if we find out items are backordered.

Oh well, no biggie. First world problem.