Amazon D-Link IP Camera deal

This seems ‘too good to be true’, most likely a pricing error, but I placed an order for 2 of them. The total with shipping is $0.02.

Used, from a seller with no ratings (“just launched”), shipping from Germany?

Betting there’s either $99 shipping or it’s a " just started " seller collecting credit card information. Or both.
Can’t hurt to use Amazon GC and see if it actually ships

Something is fishy. There was an old scam that when the item came into country there was a fee equal to the real value of the item. They get away with this with the disclaimer that fees and duty will be determined.

If it looks too good to be true…

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Agree it is fishy but Amazon typically has very good customer service so I gave it a shot.

Hopefully worst case based on the recent add-on switch scam you’ll end up w/several tiny led bulbs.


With all the politics lately I got lost for a moment and thought you were talking about POTUS. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve seen a lot of too good to be true priced listings on Amazon lately from “just started” sellers. Usually there’s a reasonable shipping price applied, like $4.99. When you order, however, it gets refunded due to the item being out of stock.

I figured it was some kinda of Amazon scam or exploit associated with how shipping costs are paid to the seller, but I didn’t really dig into it to see if there was any merit to this theory.

In your example, there’s not even a significant shipping charge, so that completely goes against my theory.

Let’s assume both. :smiley:

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Looks like we can close this. Minutes after placing the order it was shipped and delivered. Now dealing with customer service. :grinning:

Get that penny back!!! :slight_smile:


That is a phishing scam, trying to get info.

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Yup , that’s why I recommended using a gift card for purchase.

Change the title to include “fraud”

That was already pretty much solved as NOT A SCAM. The bulbs UPC code was the same as the model number of the switches. So it was just a mistake when they pulled the item description

Yup - Hence my smiley…I guess I should have used two smileys. Thanks for the clarification for others.

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LOL :wink:

Never. Gift card is like cash. Extremely difficult to get your money back. Credit card gives you an extra level of protection as you cand always dispute a charge.

I was referring to Amazon & any questionable 3rd party sellers. Pay for it with Amazon GC. Any refund from Amazon will be in the form of a GC credit to your account anyways. So you risk nothing & no chance of the seller getting your billing information.
I’d rather buy an Amazon gift card & use that then give a questionable seller my credit card information. Same reason I use PayPal whenever possible. No risk of my information falling into possibly less than trustworthy hands.