Gear S3 app

I am a long time smartthings owner, and a new time Gear S3 owner.
The watch is fantastic… but I do miss having the ability to turn on/off lights from my watch or run a routine easily.

So, are there any plans to make a smartthings app for Gear S3?
Is it possible to port Smartthings 1.2 app on Gear S platform to Gear S3?


I second this while eagerly anticipating my Gear S3, which is expected later this month.

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I just got mine delivered today from Amazon, and the first thing I said after getting it all set up the way I want it was “where’s the SmartThings app?”…


Mine will arrive on Monday from ABT and I am certain to say the same thing.

SmartThings, Samsung, your silence is deafening and your input, whether positive or not means a lot to this community.

I became a member with v2 and have no regrets, mostly in part to the community; please return the favor and give us something here!

So my S3 is here and I am loving it, minus the very obvious missing SmartThings app. I am thinking something like the 4 contact widget, but allowing you to select 4 switches or perhaps even a routine one. Please, please let this happen.

I don’t understand why this integration doesn’t already exist. I can integrate Alexa with SmarThings, but not my S3 :frowning:

I wish Samsung would take some pages for the Apple playbook and make easy product integration a key part of their strategy.

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I have a Huawei watch that doesn’t have a ST app either. One option is to use the android app CleverObjects. You can basically control any ST device from your watch and it also has voice control. I haven’t experimented to see if it can control routines but even if it can’t you could always setup a virtual switch and activate the routine that way from the watch.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t free and for some reason it gets mixed reviews but it has worked flawlessly for me.

I don’t think either smartthings or Samsung will make an app for s3. time to move on…
someone from developer community will have to make it…

most of us with s3 will be more than happy to pay for it in app store…just in case a developer is interested.


As we approach the new year, Spotify releases their Gear S3 app, but where, pray tell, is Samsung with SmartThings???

I’m on the same boat, I like my S3. They already have an app for S2, it should be a very small mod / recompile for S3, at least while paired.

The S2 app never made it to the public, AFAIK. It was stuck in beta-testing for a year and now looks anything but totally abandoned.

I love the gear s3 frontier watch but I to find it crazy that there is no smartthings app for it. Especially crazy as it is available for the apple watch. My main priorities over any devices I get is customization, Updates to device/ app, and compatibility. Samsung’s main priority should be to samsung flagship devices which is their ecosystem. I bought the google home on the day of Pre order but I knew its compatibility was limited but expected fast roll out of integration, and even that is losing its appeal because of the lack their of.

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I just got an S3. I like it, but may return if not ST app is available. Seems strange that does not exist at this point.

I find that samsung companies/ different divisions work independently of each other, even evident in that they dont use there own hardware on everything. They need more synergy between samsung hardware.

You’re quite right. Unlike most NA corporations, Samsung is what’s known as “chaebol” in Korean, or a conglomerate. It’s composed of many disjoint business units, often competing with each other and not willing to share information, know-how and technologies. It’s kind of like a medieval state where each duke builds a high castle and guards its own turf.

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Cross posted from the s2 app thread.

I got an S2 for Christmas and love it.

I’m using an app called wearable widgets that puts any widget on your phone onto the S2. I have the smartthings widget to select my routines and I have a sharp tools widget to control a specific thing. Very slick indeed.

I don’t know I’d it makes a difference but my phone is a note4.


I have the Wearable Widgets app in use since seeing your other post and it works for me with my S7 Edge. I’m only using the routines, so the free version works, but if they added an app widget support for 4 functions, I would gladly buy the full version.

I can confirm that the Wearable Widgets app works well on my Samsung Gear S3 to control my SmartThings devices. My only complaint is it doesn’t work independently :stuck_out_tongue: on the smartwatch. Since my Samsung Gear S3 is an AT&T LTE version, I don’t always have my phone with me. The Wearable Widgets app will only work if your phone is within Bluetooth range. Nonetheless, this is better than nothing.

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Wearable widgets seems to be for android. Does one exist for iphone? I know that Gear S3 only became compatible with iphone over weekend, so just grasping at straws now.

How you did this?