Gear S2 app

I have seen this app everywhere on the internet saying its going to be available at launch of the gear s2. I even found pictures of the app but where is it? Isn’t SmartThings owned by Samsung?

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To clarify, we have an app that works on the original Samsung Gear S. This app is not yet compatible with the Gear S2.

I’m wearing one right now though! Very cool product!

Any chance there is an ETA for this? Its the main reason i bought the new watch, kind of a bummer we still dont know when it will be available.

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Yeah same here, I was thoroughly surprised to find it not on the app store, seeing that SmartThings is a Samsung company.

Same here. Disappointed this Gear S2 app isn’t ready yet.

I could understand if Smartthings wasn’t a subsidiary of Samsung, but come on, are you telling me you didn’t have early access to the SDK and product. Then again that’s how Samsung has always been, they put all there attention on one thing and almost completely forget about the other.

Anything new on the Samsung Gear S2. Waiting patiently…

Samsung specifically mentions SmartThings as a supported partner on their page for the new Gear S2. Is there an ETA for this?

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Wow still nothing, I guess I’ll just use my moto 360 for now.

I was also surprised to see an empty search result when I was looking for the SmartThings app for my new S2… What’s the news?

I would love to know when this is coming. I’m guessing it’s in development but just isn’t ready yet.

Any official word?

It would be really convenient, and a great use for the watch. (It’s also one of the reasons why I bought it!)

Any updates, hints, spoilers… anything?

@Tyler Can someone respond with an ETA on this? This was the reason I bought this watch. I need to know if I should return it before it is too late.

Yeah I was really hoping on an update on this as well… i hope there is one soon :frowning:

@Tyler @slagle Not that anyone at SmartThings cares, that’s obvious, but I returned my GearS2 and the two SmartThings hubs I bought as gifts for family members this Christmas. This platform is not even close to being ready for consumer use. It is a toy only to be used for hobby purposes. I can’t in good conscience recommend this system to anyone. The lack of responsiveness is appalling.

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Yikes! I’ve been traveling and haven’t been keeping up with my forum mentions. I’m so sorry!

Our Gear S2 app is coming! I don’t have specific dates as that’s a completely separate team.

I’m so sorry for the poor response from us. I hope we can win you back in the future.


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Thanks for the update Tyler. Can you confirm that the app will allow control of individual things or just running routines like the old Gear S app?

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Features are subject to change, but here’s what I’m seeing you’ll be able to do:

  • Switch locations
  • View presence status per location
  • Execute a routine (potentially via voice)
  • Lock or unlock a connected lock
  • Arm and disarm Smart Home Monitor
  • View information about the current state of your home
  • Control some of the above through a Gear S2 widget

From my quick glance it seems like we’ll initially support direct control of individual devices just for a subset of devices. You can also create a Routine that doesn’t change the mode and have your devices actuate that way.

And once more - all of this is subject to change.

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Good news! I’ll take it with a grain of salt, but that has me excited about the future of SmartThings and my Gear S2 again.

Hey @Tyler thanks for the update on this, it really is much appreciated. The feature list ( no matter how accurate ) is awesome ! So thanks for that. I was, however, curious about release date; I know you said that you can’t provide one, but could you give maybe some quarter of estimated release like q4 2015, q1 2016, q2 2016 etc… even if it required an email to the correct team. I am just wondering if I should develop my own solution in the meantime for gear s2 using rest endpoint or if I should just wait a couple months and have the app ready and built for me already.