Smartthings is coming to the galaxy watch 4

Apparently Smartthings is coming to samsung’s latest watch. You can get the app via play store, but i highly doubt we will see it on other wear os devices taking in mind samsung’s customization for the device…

OK I’ll bite.

WTAF does ‘run the Favorites modes’ mean?

I would assume that they either mean run scenes or change the modes

I have SmartThings on Gear S3
All devices are listed there and you can control them

Really? That is awesome news! Let me check my huawei watch real fast :joy:

Edit: was a really long shot!

Good job @smartthings keep locking things to your ecosystem!

I had SmartThings on my watch from day one, a couple of years. Not every watch is supported.

Who actually cares…50 out of the 5000 sold will use the app more than once. How about bringing the TV app back to the 2020 and later TVs for the same models that had it in 2019, you know, somewhere it might actually be useful, But that would make too much sense wouldn’t it…,.,


Indeed, the smartthings app lists all devices on gwatch4 and you can control them separately or in groups, just like before

SmartThings on my Gear S3 never stays connected and has to resync before I can use it for anything. And, the SmartThings ‘Use Watch Status’ feature has never enabled for me either. So it’s not very stable for me. When I contacted SmartThings support about the Watch App issues, they simply replied that they don’t support SmartThings on the Gear S3. Hopefully the SmartThings app mileage on this new Watch 4 will last longer.

Anyway, once they updated the Gear S3 with Bixby, I do like having Bixby voice commands available on my wrist that allow SmartThings device control. :blush: :grin:

I’ve had the Gear S3 through two battery changes now, but I’m still rocking it due to the Samsung Pay MST feature. But Samsung has obviously abandoned MST since they are not even putting it in their latest smartphones either. I still think the big brick and mortar stores paid Samsung to kill MST since they want to promote their own pay apps at their registers which MST circumvented. Just think of the stores where Apple Pay and Google Pay don’t work and you’ll know which stores in thinking of.

I’ve been considering the Watch 4, and now that SmartThings will be available that’s a plus. However, they won’t have all the health sensors enabled on the U.S. version, at least not at launch. So I’ll wait. Besides, I’m curious to see what this new Google OS vice Tizen will be like.

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I have found the exact same issues regarding ST on the S3

I actually put the app back on the watch because of reading this thread but it has had no changes, still slow, still lacking and not really practical to use, I’m still on the original battery and use it every day in a very challenging environment for a watch, it has always performed well, sometimes a little slow to show notifications though

The blood pressure feature could be useful, it was supposed to work on previous watches to 4 but I don’t think it ever got enabled for Uk ( May have been enabled at some point after I lost interest in buying it )

I’m not buying the 4 on a promise of blood pressure in the future Samsungs track record is not reliable enough like ST app parity, Tvs loosing ST functionality, if it is released and works in the UK it is worth some consideration

Same layout as before.

I get the ‘syncing’ bug on both the Gear S3 and original Galaxy Watch, and it most of the time also resets the SmartThings widget so I then have to reselect the device again. So I don’t use it at all since Bixby voice commands can control SmartThings.

So, when you create a SmartThings widget on the Galaxy Watch 4 for a SmartThings device, do you get the ‘syncing’ bug? Do you see any other problems on the Galaxy Watch 4’s Gear OS flavor of the SmartThings Watch app?

I can’t use Smart things on my Galaxy Watch 4 unless I’m within “RANGE” of my phone so it can “Sync”… This is the whole reason of getting it on my LTE enabled Watch 4… I want to be able to open my garage when I’m just using my Watch 4 so I can get in/out when riding my bike.

Another option that would be wonderful is if Samsung SmartThings would use a Galaxy Watch as a geolocation source just like the smartphone. After all, the Galaxy smartwatches have GPS, and the Galaxy Watches are available in SmartThings Find.

Exactly… Why can’t I use it like a phone? It has 16GB of RAM, LTE, and GPS for crying out loud? When I show up on a bike ride to my garage door, I have to wait for the dang thing to “SYNC” to Smart things even when it’s been on WiFi for a few minutes, which is ridiculous.