Any more info on Samsung Gear S2 & Smartthings

Looks like Samsung is about to release a new smart watch the Samsung Gear S2. It briefly mentions that you can download a SmartThings app on the watch. is there any more details the community can provide? This is starting to look like another high tech gadget I don’t need but want just because of the cool factor. I have been holding off on the apple watch since it is dependent on the phone but I am starting to get interested in this watch since it is independent of the phone and does not look like a smart watch.

We already had smart things watch apps for the Samsung gear S, and the Apple Watch. However, according to one of the support documents released today, we are going to lose this functionality for a little while when the new mobile app comes out. They intend to bring it back, but no specific time line.

Here’s the link to the watch app we used to have…

So no promises about the new watch but, if it does run apps, it seems likely. Eventually.

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Am I the only one that thought:


So… it’s part of the advertising for the watch, but it doesn’t actually exist yet??

Does the Samsung Gear 2 Classic act as a Presence sensor on SmartThings platforms?

No. Samsung SmartThings is not yet available at all on Samsung Gear S2. I’m hoping they will launch something soon. It has been six months since UK launch of Gear S2 and I purchased it for the promise of Smartthings.

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Thanks for the information… I guess I will save my money until support is available. :confounded:

Is there an app for the S2 or S3 yet?

Yeah, I just got my gear s3… What’s the story ST?

This thread has been started in Sep 2015. There is still no app for my Gear S2. And now the Gear S3 is released. I think this is vaporware. Just a bunch of smoke to buy more Samsung products.

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