Gear S2 app

I can’t provide a date or an estimate, sorry. I’d definitely recommend tackling your own solution though! I’d buy it in a second.

I would also add that we (the Open Source Group at Samsung) are doing a project with Stanford CS210 this spring. We’re having the students build a Gear S2 app that can control a SmartApp using RESTful APIs. There are a ton of useful sensors on the device that could provide interesting triggers for routines and SmartApps.

Project kicks off in a month or so, and we’ll be open sourcing the results. :slight_smile:

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Need some friendly beta testers? :smile:

Thought you might appreciate this one, @guywmartin :wink:

Yes, absolutely. Will keep you posted.

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Brian - you guys should definitely check out the work done by @bravenel for Rule Machine. He built what a lot of us who use ST think should be a locally running core application for the device (especially for advanced users):

I think hooks from an S2 app for Rule Machine would be very interesting.

@Brian_Warner I’d be interested in beta testing as well.

That would be interesting, but is possibly a few steps down the road. For now I’ll be having them expose RESTful APIs for a SmartApp, and use a hybrid phone+S2 app to call them. The initial goal is to get it working, where the Gear S2 would recognize gestures or environmental conditions as triggers to request some action from a SmartApp.

There may be some complicated use cases like what you mention, but we’ll probably build that logic directly into the SmartApp for now. It’s a straightforward technical path to implementation which, given the demos we’ll have to show mid-term, is the safest route. It’s also what I’m most familiar with myself. But given that this is a proof of concept and we’re not looking at doing anything too exotic, those bits of logic will be easy to strip out for someone who wants to take it further.

@jnschemm - Cool. One of the project requirements will be to commit early, commit often… and work well with the community. Stay tuned!

I’m willing. If that was a reference to my earlier post that was just months of frustration coming to a head, that’s not my normal demeanor. I’ve participated in many beta tests. I’ll put it through its paces. Thanks.

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it would be great to have this as an open source, i hope you guys use the rotary selector for UI to build it, i hate that all the current apps use list views :stuck_out_tongue:

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Awesome! Some good news for a change!

So, is seeing it on your wrist just proof of life, or a ‘close to being available in the Gear S2 Apps Store?’


Take it as proof of life right now. I just got the internal build and don’t have any info about the public release date.

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I just got my Smart Things Kit hooked up today, I actually was under the impression that the Gear S2 app was already available. I’m excited for the functionality it’ll bring since the Gear S2 doesn’t have Do (IFTTT) or LIFX support yet and I was planning on using the Smart Things app to control my lights from my wrist.

i think everyone was under the impression since it was advertised with the gear s2 that it supported smartthings as well as samsung pay. it is weird to me that this would be the case without actually having it supported, but glad to see a proof of concept. wish it used the circular ui elements for native apps or at least build a similar ui with a web app

I’d also be interested in beta testing the Gear S2 app.
I have a Gear S as well but I really don’t use it nowadays (even for trying with my new ST hub)

I would be interested as well for the beta test on Gear S2…

If it will also work on an LG Watch Urbane, I’ll test that.

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This is an app specifically for the Samsung Gear S2 - which runs a different OS than the LG Watch Urbane.

I have a new build on my Gear S2 that seems ready for release. Hopefully it’s soon!


I hope it will release soon … I got something working for me in the meantime, a hybrid android / gear s2 app that uses a circle ui to control switches (on / off only for now) it works pretty well but needs a lot of work to be ready for primetime

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