Gear S2 app

Would love a beta release.

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Will we be able to beta test it? I have a lot of smart devices in my house.

Okay, it’s March and still nothing. I take it Samsung busniess units don’t work well with each other. This is just unacceptable.


No one at Samsung in Korea talks to their US counterparts unless forced to. Yes, I speak from experience. :frowning:

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Very keen to make the most of my Gear S2 and am disappointed that the Smartthings for S2 is still not ready. I’m following this thread in anticipation of good news before April PLEASE! Come on Samsung.

Beta app sign up

Two months on since your comment and are you able to provide us with any news on the Gear S2? I’ve been waiting patiently in anticipation of smart things.

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It was supposed to be released a few months ago, but there was an issue that was caught by Samsung QA.

That issue has been fixed and it’s in the final stages of QA at Samsung HQ. The PM in charge says it will be ready this month. Sorry for the delays!


I bet is the same PM that oversees the Gear 2 Pay!!! :slight_smile:

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A huge samsung supporter. Just about every device i own (2 smartphones, 2 smart tvs, a tablet, smarthings hub, gear neo, gear s, gear s2, etc.)Getting very impatient. Bought this watch on release and was under the impression that smartthings and samsung pay were already available. And since I bought it I haven’t heard anything about the progress, or release date of pay or smartthings. Definitely false advertising. Not trying to be rude but wow. Getting rediculous. What’s going on??


I’m doing my best to update the Community here, but please understand that I’m not directly involved with the development of our Gear S2 application.

The status is the same as my last update. A critical issue was found with our Gear S2 app and the launch was delayed so that we could fix it and test more. That testing is being completed right now and we’re still targeting April.

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27th or 28th? …

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or even 29th ?

27&28 is Samsung Developers Conference…I hope to hear a lot of good news coming from SmartThings…

  • Samsung TVs connectivity
  • Additional Zigbee profiles support
  • Samsung Gear devices Apps

I’m looking forward to SmartThings Gear S2 release by the end of this week. Samsung have been promising this for a long time. Well the end of April is nearly here.

You’ve tricked me, I thought you were talking about 2016, not 2017. Good one!

I wonder if Samsung will refund my money on my Gear S2! It has extremely limited functionality compared to other smart watches and I am tired of waiting for apps to materialise. Samsung has not delivered on its promises at launch. There are now significantly superior better value smart watches.

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Time and again across all Samsung divisions, one thing is true, if it’s not available, don’t hold your breath that it will ever be.

Hrm… well, I’m as much of a critic of SmartThings (and sometimes Samsung) as the next guy, but I’m really curious as to which Smart watches you think are more advanced than the Gear S2?

The iWatch is a toy - tethered completely to the iPhone. My Gear S2 3G has it’s own cellular connection (something Mashable is breathlessly touting on future iWatches as if it’s some revolutionary thing), Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Heart Rate tracking, S-Health integration for my running, as well as enough internal storage for several hours of music, plus the usual notifications, etc. Also, the round form factor and rotating bezel make it pretty usable and less of an eyesore than the iWatch.

Basically, at least for my needs, it slays every other Smart watch I’ve looked at. Yes, it’s battery life isn’t that of the Pebble, for example, but it’s irrelevant for me, as I drop it on the magnetic charger when I sleep, and I’m good to go for the day.

Now, yes, it’s completely unacceptable that it’s taken Samsung HQ this long to certify/qualify the Smart Things app on the device, but given how unstable the SmartThings platform has been in the last 6 months, I’m less concerned about whether the app is out yet.

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