We Need A Smartthings App For the Samsung Gear Fit2 (pro)

So I’ve been looking around and the gear S series has the SmartThings app. Although the Fit2 Pro isn’t a dedicated smartwatch, a SmartThings app would encourage current SmartThings owners to get one, for their health and convenience.

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I agree. I would . Lets bump this thread to show samsung we would like to get this going . Its sad that apple watch is integrated and samsung makes both fit 2 and smartthings and we can’t get an app to work on the samsung gear fit 2.

At CES, Samsung unveiled their “master plan” to make all of their products IOT by 2020 with SmartThings like your new Samsung TV being able to act as a hub. The Fit2 (pro) should be included with an app for it.(and probably will)

This is accurate.

I know that you may not be able to give any information about this but will it be like a new app for the Gear Fit 2 (Pro) or a new/specific product with the SmartThings functionality/app?

I have Huawei smart watch and that links to Samsung connect - ie the new Smartthings App no the Classic. I assume that if SAmsung have this integration in place with Samsung Connect for Huawei it will also be there for Samsung watches hence I ASSUME it will come with the new app.