Gear Watch Smartthings App - Development Thread

This will be my first post about the development of a Gear app for SmartThings.
Even if Samsung does eventually create an app, I’m still going to continue developing this one.

We got our SmartThings starter kit a few days after Christmas. I own a Gear S2 and was upset when I couldn’t find an app for it to control my new devices. My professional job is a software developer - so I figured it was time to start coding…

The reason behind starting this thread is to get ideas from the SmartThings community to help make this app better.
My wife already pointed out that a lot of the built in sensors in the watch could be used to trigger things, like adjusting the thermostat based on temperature and heart rate during a workout. I think ideas like this will be awesome to implement after I get the basic features working.

Current Status:
The web service is running and working perfectly.
The Gear App is controlling switches in my home.

At this time we only have 2 door/window sensors, a motion detector, an arlo camera, and one outlet thing.
I wanted more devices to switch on and off, so I connected an Arduino to my office linux server, and created a service on the linux server, the arduino can turn on and off an LED, and the service will say the date and time when it is triggered.

So now I have a lamp, an arlo, an arduino LED, and a talking computer that I can switch on and off.

Whats Next:
I want to make some changes to the GUI.
I want to add the ability to switch modes, and trigger routines.
I’m going to buy a dimmer switch so that I can create a cool way of controlling the brightness using the watches bezel.

I’ll post pictures and videos soon.


Very much looking forward to this. Love my Gear S2 and think Samsung dropped the ball on developing apps that could be used with this watch. Best of luck.


I’m working on routines and modes now!
I still have some work to do on the GUI, but the app itself is working great so far.
I also want to make a Widget for it so that I don’t have to open the app every time i want to control something.

The “Loading SmartThings Device List” message only shows up the first time you run the app, then it stores your device information in an encrypted local database. If you add or remove a device, you have to refresh the device list. This speeds loading time up a LOT, since it doesn’t have to request the list online each time.


Want want want want want!! :smiley:

Brand new S2 on my wrist, love the watch, and the only really important thing missing is SmartThings control.

This will be a great addition to the community.

If you need a beta tester, or are accepting beer money, let me know!

I appreciate the support, I was beginning to think that there was a lack of interest in an app for the gear watch, which would explain why Samsung hadn’t developed one.

I’m happy to report that at this time I am using the gear app on a daily basis with zero issues. I’m still adding new features but it is already proving very useful for me.


I would love to beta test it as well!

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I think that it’s more that people had given up, walked away, after the mega-disappointment with Smartthings over this. They dangled the app in front of members and then killed it for no clear reason after months of acting like they were going to release it.

So, do you plan to share your app?

How desperate and beggy do I have to be? :wink: :smiley:

Oh and almost forgot. When your app also provide a widget mode, so that is accessible quickly from a swipe from the clock face?

I’ve had my S2 less than 24 hours and still learning about how it works, so if there is a quick way to get to an app (aside from the obvious open the app list and select it) I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

Did I mention that I’d love to try your app, @ShufordTech? :smiley:

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I’m rockin a Gear S3 Frontier. Love to give a it a try and lend any support I can.


Also interested.

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Yes! Gear S3 here, and willing to help test!

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Nice! S2 here waiting and waiting :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah finally! I’ll be watching this thread!

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I have a S3. Happy to do beta testing.
The UX looks intuitive and leverages the rotating bezel.

Keep it going buddy!

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Yes! That’s what I call enthusiasm! :slight_smile: Thanks, folks.

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The GUI is the hardest part in Tizen, I hate how they do things in there. Are you using a web application or a native app to develop this? Are you planning on releasing it on GitHub for others to contribute? How do you authenticate with smartthings ( via the gear app somehow, or via an android app that puts the token / secret / id into the gear apps DB? I have an app working on my Gear S3 right now that lets me control switches and brightness using the bezel to adjust brightness and it works pretty well, but I havent figured out the best way to handle the authentication piece without creating a separate android app to download. I think throwing this up on GitHub would be pretty cool so we can all work on it.

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My wife and I have s2. We would love to be able to use this!!!

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Another Gear S2 owner here. I’m currently using an alternative solution with Tasker/TaskS2 and SharpTools but would love to have (and test) a native S2 solution for SmartThings :slight_smile:


How difficult would it be to make this work on Android wear? Specifically the Huawei watch.

I suspect his app is working because he hard coded the token into the app. I wanted to make an app for my Gear S3 and started researching it for about a day. The authorization workflow that SmartThings documents requires a redirect to a webpage where you login and select the devices which the app are allowed to see. I didn’t see it working in less you had a compaction app on your phone to do the login. I couldn’t find a native browser to launch on the Gear S3 to render the webpage, though I only looked for a night. I hope he makes it open source, I would love to help.

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