GE Zwave toggle switch issue for the experts

I have a GE zwave toggle switch (not a dimmer switch). Randomly it quits working, it is set up on a nightly routine. Roughly every 2 weeks to 2 months it just quits working. When it quits working I can fix it by removing power, either with the breaker panel or removing the neutral wire for a moment. its been doing it a long time, a year ago I got fed up with the issue and replaced the switch with a new one. Oddly enough the new switch has been doing the same thing. I have 43 devices with relatively no issues outside of the normal random connection issues. I have tried all type of reset procedures I have read about and nothing works except removing power which fixes it immediately every time. I am not a newb I have been using smartthings from the beginning and have been able to work my way thru everything so far but this one has me. I am starting to believe it may have something to do with the switch not liking the current draw from the fan. Thinking of trying another brand of zwave switch. Any ideas?

Older GE switches could be sensitive to current surges, which isn’t usually a big deal, but those particular models, as you noted, had to be manually reset.

Do you know what the specs are on the fan that you’re controlling? I know you’re just using it as an on/off switch, but if the inrush current is too high you might also have issues with another regular switch and need something heavy duty.

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What are the exact switch model numbers?