GE Zwave+ on sale at Lowes

GE Z-Wave Plus 15-amp Single Pole 3-way Wireless White Toggle Indoor Light Switch - $27.99

GE Z-Wave Plus 15-amp Single Pole 3-way Wireless White/Almond Rocker Indoor Light Switch - $27.99

GE Z-Wave Plus 3-speed 2.5-Amp Wireless White/Almond Indoor Rocker Fan Control - $34.99

GE Z-Wave Plus 600-watt Single Pole 3-way Wireless White/Almond Rocker Indoor Dimmer - $32.99

GE Z-Wave 15-amp 3-way Wireless White Indoor Dimmer - $30.09

GE Z-Wave Plus 600-watt Single Pole 3-way Wireless White Toggle Indoor Dimmer - $32.99

GE Z-Wave Black Remote Control Lamp Module - $30.09

GE Z-Wave Plus White/Grey Remote Control Lamp Module - $29.99


Just saw this on SlickDeals. Don’t think I need any more but its very tempting.

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Looks like the GE ZigBee switches are on sale too.

On/Off Switch - $34.99

Dimmer - $39.99

Just wanted to let everyone know our whole line is currently on sale on Amazon and Lowe’s. Amazon’s sale is running partially through the weekend, Lowe’s is going until the 22nd. Enjoy.


Are you with GE?

Jasco! We manufacture devices for GE though :slight_smile:


Also I’ll just leave this here for a little more Lowe’s discount…


GE or Zooz? I’ve previously decked out with GE and I have nothing against them (except for their stupid choice with the LED behavior on the fan switch!), I’m about to move and don’t know if I should just stick to GE or try something different.

I always recommend the GE Plus Paddle Switches/Dimmers (Brand Loyalty). I’ve also installed the Zooz and they are about as good but the feel is a little different.

Can’t go wrong with either.

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GE motion sensor versus Zooz, go zooz.
GE uses CR123 batteries making no sense money wise. Even recharging ones won’t last more than a month.
My zoos 4in1 is running on 2 AA for now more than one year although it shows 1% left since last December :wink:

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For motion sensors I pretty much only ever use Ecolinks, the first two I bought are still going on the original batteries… from over three years ago. Not only that but they are in high traffic areas and have been set in ‘test’ mode so that they unlatch in 4 seconds since the start.

I believe they use CR123’s as well.

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Dude… you need to tell them to fix the LED settings on the fan switches…

Plus the decision to change the ramp rate to just instantly jump when sent a “set level” command ruined a large part of the experience, it’s part of the reason I was looking elsewhere based on that alone.

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I have 8 of these. What’s going on with the LED settings? I’ll admit that I typically don’t change speeds much but still curious as to the “issue”…

There’s a custom DTH that allows you to change to your likings. This is for the non-plus series…

The new z-wave plus fan switches cannot have the LED modified programmatically. You can only change it by manually pressing the switch. I would like to keep the LED off, which isn’t an option. With the old z-wave fan switch I can change the LED settings to simulate off.



Was the ramp rate change for the fan switch or regular dimmer? I have the older model of Ge dimmers and fan switches but will upgrade to plus at some point.

I have not changed the built-in led behavior but if default behavior of the dimmers have changed then …

I love you man :slight_smile: Just scored 2 paddle dimmers and 2 paddle switches for a grand total $101.96!

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I don’t own a GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer so I can’t say for sure, but the ramp rate doesn’t really matter for the fan switch since it has only four speeds (off/low/medium/high).

On another note, I wish they’d institute ramp rate for the GE ZigBee dimmers, but that setting is not implemented in the switches I own. They turn instant on/off.

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LEDs can now be inverted or disabled on our newer devices! Our fan control, not though. We want you to be able to know how fast your fan is going.

I can invert the new Z-wave plus fan switch LEDs using the on/on/on/off manual toggle method. Just not with a Z-wave command.

Don’t forget there are coupon codes available for Lowes online purchase. In addition, one may order through Google Express too if you have coupon codes for it. I just use my 25% off coupon from Tmobile Tuesday offer.