GE Zwave Dimmer Switch - appears dead, TS options?

I’ve had a GE Dimmer switch installed for a year or so, and just noticed yesterday that it’s not working. Blue LED light (which was configured to light up when the switch was off) does not light up, and toggling the switch or trying to turn on/off in app have no result.

Do these things just tend to die this young? (Hope not, I have a bunch of them!) Aside from replacing it (luckily I have a spare) is there anything I can do to see if I can bring it back to life?

Odd, my first search didn’t turn up much, wonder if I had a typo in it. Found this suggested by @JDRoberts. Some of the comments seem like they may apply to older non-neutral wire versions of the GE switches (@JDRoberts said: “The prior generation had a known issue that required a hard reset ( turn off at the breaker box). Not just ST, Homeseer and Vera users reported the same issues.”).

I did try pulling out and pushing back in the air gap and no effect. Going to try toggling breaker next.

Toggling the breaker had no effect, so presuming my switch has crossed the river and will need to be replaced. Oh well, I guess that’s what weekends are for… :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying this time alone w/myself. :slight_smile:

Had time to open up the switch box today and lo and behold, it was “The Case of the Slippery Neutral” (as Dame Agatha would have imagined it).

The neutral had slipped just enough out of the wire nut that it was no longer touching the other wires. My bad, I was lazy/not paying attention and re-used an old wire nut when I installed the switch.

Dash to the garage, slip new, tight wire nut on neutral bundle, reassemble, and all is well again w/what my family affectionately (I hope) refers to as “Dana’s Folly.” :smiley:

So several valuable lessons for us all:

  1. Don’t use 10 year old worn out/too small wife nuts when adding a new switch
  2. Always check for simple “DOH!” connection issues first before ordering a replacement switch
  3. After skipping 1 and 2 above, when the new switch arrives tell your significant other that it is “Required to fill a critical home automation gap that threatens the health and well-being of the entire family!” It may also help to breathe hard and open your eyes really wide while you say that.

Haha, autocorrect :wink:

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Love it… :slight_smile:

Mine has seemed to just done the same as yours. Worked yesterday and not today I get nothing. Not even manual operation. Hoping it is just the wire!!