GE Zwave 3 speed fan controller 14287 conundrum

So I have a GE 14287 3 speed Zwave ceiling fan controller that somehow became unresponsive to SmartThings, attempts to manually up / down the speeds failed etc… I went through the troubleshooting steps with Amazon to get it going right, and after a while they simply replaced the switch…

The day the new one came in, literally the day after, the original started working again. No problems at all.

Now I have an issue. What to do with the new one that they sent me.

Do I still swap out the old one just becuse it acted up, although at this point it looks like a software / logic hiccup. Do I send the new one back to Amazon unopened? What on earth should I do with this?

if it wasn’t responding to physical interaction, i’d replace it.

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Is Amazon expecting you to send the old one back?

Does not appear so.

I have been working with GE / Jasco support. They have had a few that did this, it’s a software / firmware issue apparently caused by a power blip. The whole thing just locks up. Just keep monitoring it and if it hangs again, power the breaker off and back on to verify the switch is okay blah blah blah…

I will hold the replacement in inventory and see what happens. This is really the only location I have that is needing this style switch.