GE ZW4005 switch not refreshing in app after manual activity

Just installed three ZW4005 GE Smart Switches this weekend. One updates in the app whenever I manually turn the light on or off. A second one positioned next to it (same box) does not update at all in the app. A third at the other end of the house updates just fine, though cycling too quickly (e.g., turning the front exterior lights on/off only reflects the on) but if I wait a minute before turning the light back off, it seems to capture that just fine.

I’ve seen a number of posts that recommend restarting the hub or repairing the Z-wave network, but neither of these seem to fix my issue. Anyone have any other suggestions? I hate that looking at my home in the app doesn’t reflect that at least one light is on, and if I’m writing rules based on that status, they’re unlikely to perform the way I intend.

Any thoughts or guidance you might have would be very much appreciated.