Ge wall switch automation doesnt work without manual in-app refresh

I have this particular switch setup with lighting automation to turn on/off 2 other z-wave devices. The automation works if I use the app to turn the switch on and off. If I physically switch the switch, the load light physically connected too it switches, but the devices in the light automation do not follow even 30 seconds later. If I go in the app and his the refresh icon for the switch, then the lighting automation will ‘realize’ the switches position has changed and do what it’s supposed to do. I’m confused because I have several other similar lighting automations with this brand of switch working elsewhere in my house. In the ST web manager, the device is listed as manufacturer: Jasco Products, MSR: 0063-4952-3036, device handler is Z-Wave Switch, execution is local and checkinterval is 1920.

Any ideas?

Did some more troubleshooting and changed the device handler to the custom one on posted on this forum for the ge switch. This didn’t make a difference but I noticed it had its own “group 2” option which allows you to associated other devices (referenced by network id) so that they follow the device. I add my devices to to this group and it didn’t work at all (even when I refreshed it, or used the app to control the switch).

Then I swapped this ge smart switch to the aeon labs micro switch g2 and a regular dumb switch. Same problem as above, if I use the app, the logic works and controls the other switches. If I use the mechanical switch, the smart lighting app doesn’t cause the other z-wave devices to change unless I goto the ST app and refresh the status.

Would love to know if there are more options to resolve this issue as it doesn’t seem to be a unique corner-case type problem.

This happens occasionally. Not much you can do about it until ST fixes it. I’ve been seeing a lot of Zwave delays today. Even Zwave motion triggering lights are slow. Manually locking or unlocking a lock doesn’t always report. Repair and replace just times out.
It must be a holiday weekend.

I’m not sure this is related to the ST cloud performance because my other lighting automations with other switches work just fine (and quickly). Also, there’s not really a delay – if I don’t manually refresh the status of the switch, it will never wake-up.

I have the same issue occasionally with dummy switches that control other lights. It’s been fine for a while. Today when the group of lights turns on by another sensor and I go to turn them off with the switch, the switch is not on. I have to toggle it on off on a couple times before it will turn the lights off.

Yes, except I don’t have this issue with my other switches which have an identical configuration. And I’ve demonstrated the problem with two different switches.

I set the configuration parameter 80 (see manual) of the aeon micro switch to 1 and the smart lighting triggers within 2 seconds now. Setting the configuration had to be done using a copied version of the z-wave switch device handler with a modification in the update() method.

I have issues with the GE switches I use the custom device handler on, but not the ones using the stock device handler. Where my switches directly control a load, I have no issue. Where my switch is used to relay a command via ST to operate Hue bulbs or an aeon micro switch, I have regular issues. Switching off and on the air gap switch resolves the issue for a few days. After research, I have found many complaints regarding these switches requiring manual resets.

I think the only reason I dont have issues on the switches with the stock device handler is they only have local control; I dont have any stock DTHs controlling remote loads.