GE Zigbee switch 45856GE lost connection after disconnecting power

I was having issue with a Xiaomi Zigbee remote (wireless switch). So powered off the GE Zigbee switch as it is likely a hub. I was able to re-connect my Xiaomi remote switch. But when I bring the power back through the circuit breaker, the GW switch no longer works. I can’t even use it manually!

All I see is that the light blue LED is blinking slowly. According to the manual,

it means it is in discovery mode. I am not able to add it even after deleting it from my SmartThings Hub. I have tried the reset routine (pressing on 10 times).

Now I have lights that I cannot operate. Please help!

It sounds like the switch is dead. Older z-wave GE/Jasco switches are know to die when the power is interrupted. No sure about zigbee switches. Call Jasco support. If the switch is less that 5 years old they will likely replace it. They just replaced one of my z-wave switches that was more that 4 years old. It was acting just like your switch.

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Thank you! I called them and they told me if it cannot operate light on its own, it is dead. I’ve sent them picture of the switch and hopefully it is covered.