GE Z Wave switch possible discontinued?

Has GE discontinued the Z wave toggle style on/off switch?
i have many of them in my house and i’ve noticed lowes has stopped carrying them all the sudden and that there no longer available on amazon.
The only toggle style switch available is the dimmer switch and i dont really want dimmers on every light and don’t want to have to convert them all to paddle style now.

GE (Jasco) has been replacing all of their Z-Wave switches with Z-Wave Plus versions.

The older versions​ are still available (12727):
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New version (14292):


oh cool, i didnt know there was a plus version coming.
Is there any sort of write up on the new features or anything or when there all gonna be released.

Trying to type this out on a phone. Anyway those are just a quick scan - you can probably find better prices. I’d search with the part numbers. The biggest advantages with Z-Wave Plus GE switches are range, native double tap, and OTA firmware updates (not yet supported by ST).


alright cool, maybe ill wait to get anymore. i was working on building a new porch and installing new exterior lights so i just installed dimmers on them but maybe ill swap the dimmers to somewhere else later on