GE ZWave Switch Availability

Anyone else notice getting GE switches is getting tough? I want a couple of the non paddle type for a bathroom and can’t find them on line or in stores readily available. Even Amazon appears to be selling old stock but not restocking (they usually will take your order and ship at a later date). Anyone know what’s up with the GE/Jasco switches?

I ordered some switches from their site 2 weeks ago.

i have a few toggle style Aux switches if interested, PM me

It could be they’ve purged inventory, and now just waiting to restock with GE’s new zwave plus stuff.

Do you mean the add ons or the actually toggle?

Yes the old school looking light switch type, I have 3 aux/add on.

Have you tried Lowes? They always seems to have a quite a bit in stock, at least in my area.

Like these:

You could order them direct from Lowes I suppose. These GE switches in general are seemingly harder to find at my local Lowes.

I spoke too soon, I don’t think you can order them online from Lowes. Bummer.

If you go to your local Lowes and they don’t have any in stock, they can order them for you and have them shipped to the store.