GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch, On/Off, 14291 on Sale @ Amazon $30.60

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Looking for the Dimmers to go on sale. Should have picked some more up when they were on sale at Lowe’s at 33% off with the buy 2 get 1 free deal! Add the Lowe’s $15 off of $50 and it was hard to pass up. Purchased a handful of them just to try them out because I already have all of my switches completed. However, I fell in love with the extra functionality of the newer models now I want to swap some of the older ones out for the newer ones.

Anyway, long story! Carry on.

Anyone else see the ‘Usually Ships in 4-5 Months’ on this product? Was going to order one, but not sure if it’s worth it if it’s not going to get to me until March 2018.

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I wouldn’t worry, that’s just Amazon default for items OOS to ensure that they meet the promised delivery date. I’ve ordered things with 2-3 month delivery and had them arrive in a week. There is always that chance that they can’t get them. If you get tired of waiting, you can always cancel the order. They don’t charge you for it until after the order ships.

I ordered one this morning and accepted the March 2018 delivery date; I actually won’t be able to use it in my whole-house fan automation project until next Spring (and I assumed I’d get it sooner than that, anyway; optimist that I am). Turns out it was a good assumption-- I just got a “Good News!” email with revised delivery date of October 23 (2017).