GE Z-Wave Paddle Dimmer Has Failed?

So 1.5 years ago I bought this GE Z-Wave dimmer for my kitchen: - installed, and ever since it’s been working wonderfully with Smartthings.

It is supposed to: use motion to turn on at night (through a Smart Things motion sensor), the blue light on it is supposed to be ON when the light is OFF, and alexa can control it.

A couple weeks ago, I noticed that even though smart things saw motion, it wasn’t turning the light on. I opened up the app and confirmed it saw motion. A little while later smart things said the device was offline (health monitoring is active).

For the next couple weeks, sometimes it works randomly, but it rarely reports as healthy in the app. If it does show as healthy in the app, the status is rarely correct (thinks the lights are on, but they are off, and control doesn’t work from the app by me pressing ON/OFF). The same is true with Alexa - it sometimes is able to control it, sometimes it says it cannot. The blue light on the switch is never on when the switch is off, but it used to be.

I have tried many things all several times with no luck:

  1. Z-Wave Repair a few times: - this is what happens every time.
  2. The instructions ( which include attempting to exclude (fails, it won’t recognize it when I do an OFF/ON) - and a device replace (same thing) - and I almost attempted a REMOVE of the device but it warned me that I first had to exclude it or I’d never get it back online… so I canceled that one…
  3. I’ve tried popping out the air gap, and popping it back in attempting to restart/reset the thing, then repeat everything again above, but it still does not work.

It is pretty frustrating. Nothing else in the home seems to be having issues so I suspect maybe the Z-Wave chip on the device went bad, but what else can I try here?


I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: That model has a two year warranty. I would contact Jasco and see what they suggest.

Contacted =)

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