GE Wall Switch or Smarthings Bug - “Turn on and set level”

I have a routine that turns on my bedroom lights when my spouse comes to bed. There is a multi-sensor on the door. When the door opens I want the “Art” lights to come on at 10% and turn off 1 min after the door is closed.
This works like 25% of the time. Most of the time when the door is open, they just come on to whatever they were last set at.

No matter the % I set it almost never works.

Any ideas what’s up?

Yesterday I replaced a GE Z wave switch with a GE zigbee just because I wanted the energy reporting ( I know, not a great reason to spend $50 ) and I’ve had the same issue last night and tonight. The outside lights come on but instead if setting to the right level they come on the same as what they were last at. I have another smartapp that turns them on and sets them at a lower level later and last night it made the adjustment. The switch is a GE 45857GE.