A bunch of GE Z-wave in wall switches dropped off. App is loading a driver that doesn't work (20 May 2022)

A bunch of GE Z-wave in-wall switches dropped off yesterday. Now they are trying to use Edge drivers and nothing is working properly. Yippee!!
The wall switch controls the lights wired to it and changes the switch’s status in the app.
Alexa thinks it’s there and working.
Some switches respond with a 20+ second delay others nothing. Deleted, zwave excluded, rejoined, and still getting the same results. One switch worked properly for a few on/off cycles than when to the 20 sec + delay
Switches are using driver Z-Wave Switch. I deleted the driver in the app and it reloads when I pair the switch.
Any ideas of what is going on?

Have you tried running z-wave repair to see if any errors are reported? My guess is one or more of your z-wave devices have failed which can cause issues with routing for the z-wave devices.

What model do you have for the GE switches and are they z-wave or z-wave plus?

I am not following this part. They are assigned Edge driver z-wave switch? I am not clear on the part about deleting the driver in the ST app. Can you clarify that part?

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When I go to the hub in the app, click the 3 dots on the top right and click driver. In that list I found the driver associated with the switch.

Name Z-Wave Switch
Description, developer, and support info are blank.
Version 2022-02-12T20:36:25.596796.

Click on driver to delete. If any switches are using the driver it can not be deleted.
After removing the switches and deleting the driver I add a switch back on and the driver comes back. So I’m sure this is the driver ST wants with these switches. Older GE z -wave (not plus).
The first few times I added the switches back in they showed up as GE Switch 45xxx (don’t remember the number but I’m sure it was the model number) and were using the mentioned driver. Now they add back on as GE Switch.
I’ll try Z-wave repair tonight.

I am having the exact same issue. 4 out of 9 GE Z-Wave stopped working. Wasted over a day, thinking of switching to Lutron

Mine work randomly. Sometimes perfectly but rarely. Sometimes with a delay of 2 to 20 seconds.