GE Z-Wave Toggle Switch Issues [Noob]

I am just starting to work on my house and pretty new to working with smart outlets, switches etc. I have a google home set up and using that as my hub. I picked up some switches and dimmers to hook them up.

I am trying to set up a stand alone toggle switch to an outlet. Two wires and a common, shouldn’t be too difficult. The outlet works on a regular switch but after I change it to the zwave nothing happens? Wiring is correct, I have a developer background and build 3D printers but for the life of me, not sure why this isn’t working.


I am assuming you have a white, black and a bare ground ground at the switch box? If that’s the case then you are missing a neutral wire. The switch uses the black and white wire to cut off line power to the switch and neutral is not required to route to the switch box so most likely it’s connected to the neutral terminal of the outlet.
There are a couple of posts on this issues and there are a couple of solutions.

  1. Install in wall relay module behind the outlet and use the dumb switch to control it.
  2. Install a smart outlet and smart switch.
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Did you use the supplied screws that came with the GE toggle switch? One of the screws is smaller than normal. If you used the old screw (which is slightly longer) it will short the switch

Wiring issue. All fixed. Thank you!

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I know I’m kind of late to this party but I am installing a few of these switches at my parent’s house. There are 3 switches in a junction box and I am trying to replace 2 of the 3. If they were laid out as 1|2|3 I replaced switch 1 perfectly fine. (Keeping in mind that power comes into the junction box from switch 3 side and jumps across to the other switches) When I replaced switch number 2 it passes power to switch 1 (which still works) but switch 2 will not function at all. They are both wired the exact same way. Does this make sense to anyone else?