GE Smart Motion Sensor won't show up

I’ve had one of the ‘GE Smart Motion Sensors’ ( in use for a couple years. Works great. The other day I notice it isn’t working so I pull it down and check the batteries. Once was totally dead, curiously the other still showed 3v+. So I replaced both batteries. It showed back up for just a second, then nothing. So I ran the exclude on it, then factory reset it. Here is where it gets interesting. When I go to rejoin it, the LEDs on the sensor do the include confirmation sequence, but the smartthings app never finds it. And then I can go and exclude it again, and smartthings confirms it excluded it, and the sensor does the confirmation LED sequence for exclusion. So I figure, bad sensor. Well I happen to have a brand new identical one in the box and…SAME THING! HELP! The sensor thinks it’s been added, but smartthings just never shows it!

P.S. I have pulled the batteries/power from the hub and power cycled it, and restarted my phone. Didn’t help.

one thing to try. if you are using any custom code for the sensors, login to IDE, open the device handlers and Publish for Me again. exclude the sensor and then attempt to add it


I had one of these. It ate batteries like candy. I finally took it down and put up an ecolink sensor. I’m hoping there will be a firmware update that will fix it one day.

THANK YOU! This did the trick! I actually just flat out deleted the custom device handler, then ran the exclusion, and after that it found it no problem. I’ll add back the handler next.

I can’t for the life of me get this thing to update to anything less than the default 4 min timeout. I’ve updated the setting in the device handler & pressed the button. Any other tricks?