GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor problems (DTH in post 40)

Recently picked up the new smart motion sensor from GE but I’m having trouble getting it to pair as a motion sensor. Off the bat it’s classified as s door/window sensor so I’ve tried every motion device type I can find and still no luck. Any one have any pointers?

Is this it? Did you try using “Z-wave Motion Sensor” as the device type?

That’s the one!

Ha! You beat be to a reply. Did you try using “Z-wave Motion Sensor” as the device type?

Currently it is working as a “Z-wave Motion Sensor” but the refresh is 5 minutes. Is there any way to change that?

It sounds like a config/parameter issue, or a change is needed. It’s interesting that Amazon says it works with SmartThings, and I’m sure it does; but I suspect it’s the bare bones minimum.

Can you try the device handler “motion detector”? I’m going to see what documentation exists for this to see if I can help a little more.

Here’s more info on the parameters:

Looks really basic, so I’m surprised the Zwave Motion Sensor didn’t work. The default settings would imply fast reporting. What do you mean by “refresh”? Do mean from motion starts to when it stops being reported?

When the sensor detects motion it stays active for 5 minutes and then finally shows no motion.

Ah, ok. That should be fairly simple to resolve. Tell you what, do you mind giving me a couple hours to build a device type for it that you can try? It may need some fiddling around, but I think we can easily do this.


Absolutely. Thank you so much!

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No worries! Let’s give this a try, but please remember that I don’t have the actual device to test with. I’m pretty confident that this should work for you, but you never know.

See post 17.

This device handler is based on the Z-wave Motion Sensor device type you were using, so we know Motion and Battery should still be working.

First, create your own DH in the IDE. Once you save and publish for yourself, change the device to use what you just created. If you didn’t edit the name it will be called “My GE Z-Wave Smart Motion Sensor model 34193”.

Next go to the device in the ST mobile app. You should notice a change in the tile formats. Next, click on the gear in the upper corner, and when you do 3 options will be available to you:

  • Number of minutes after movement has passed before reporting inactive. (1 min to 60 min). I set the default to be 1.
  • Sensitivity of the motion sensor. (1=Low, 2=Medium, *3=High). 3 is the factory default.
  • Enable or disable the LED when motion is triggered. (0=Disable, *1=Enable). 1 is the factory default.

After reviewing these preferences, and/or changing them, always tap on Done in the upper right hand corner. That forces a configuration update to the motion sensor.

Here’s the fun part. Once the configuration is sent to the device, it may take effect right away, or it might require you to wake up the device by pressing a button, or removing a cover (trips a tamper switch) or battery. Sleepy devices (battery powered) wake up every so often, and when they do they receive config updates.

This motion sensor can also be powered by USB, so if config changes just are not being accepted try powering up with a USB cable (like from your phone) and send the config settings again by going to the gear and hitting done.

Let me know how this all goes!


Hi @cmcelroy09, have you been able to give this DH a try yet?

I just picked up one of these motion sensors and it also shows up as a door contact. I’m completely new to ST (just switched from Wink). How do I go about adding this as a generic “z-wave motion sensor”. When I go to add things I don’t see anything generic z-wave listed. I appreciate the pointers.

I just figured out how to add your customer DH to my ST. I am testing the code out now. Thanks so much for posting this.

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@Kharoldsen or @cmcelroy09, how’s the DH code working for you?

I tried this DH on my GE Smart Motion sensor. Unfortunately, it continues to show “Motion” at all times even after placing back in the box and leaving for hours. Similarly when I wave my hand in front of the device it does not blink. I have the optional parameters set to:

inactiveTime 1
ledIndicator 1
motionSensitivity 3

… If I remove the custom device handler and set the device type to z-wave plus motion/temp sensor then it works similar to desired.

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The device is recognized correctly as a motion sensor. The number of minutes seems to stay at 5 regardless of what setting I try. I haven’t tried changing the other settings. For me, the default of 5 minutes is fine.

Do you guys need a code to get this to work or does it integrate with ST well?

What’s the feedback on these? Are they worth the price increase vs the cheaper Iris or ST motion sensors?

My experience is with Go Control motion sensors and ST motion sensors. In my opinion the GE has a much better range. I use the GE in my 3 car garage and it works great. Previously I was using 2 Go Controls. I don’t know if I’ll be buying the GE for smaller rooms. I think the ST is by far the worse of the 3.