GE Smart Dimmer not connecting to SmartThings

I purchased several used GE 12724 dimmer switches. I wired them up and they are working as a manual switch, but I can’t get them to pair with SmartThings.

I assume they were previously tied to another system, so I looked online and saw several suggestions for resetting them… pulling the airgap button and holding down the up button as I push in the airgap. Also, pulling the airgap and then pushing the up button 10 times. Neither of these methods worked.

I also tried going into removal mode (forget exactly what it’s called) within SmartThings, but that mode never recognized the switches and confirmed removal. I also tried repairing the network and other misc things…no dice.

Any ideas on how I can reset my switches and get them to pair with my system?

Thanks in advance!

That article only contained the basic items that I already tried. I was hoping the members of this forum had encountered my problem before and could offer some additional advice.

ZWave exclusion via Smartthings may not work if the switch is going through a repeater. Try doing an exclude with the hub temporarily moved very close to the switch.

Good suggestion - thanks!