Unable to Exclude GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer (Z-Wave)

Hi. I have recently done a factory reset on my ST v2 hub (because of all the hoops and configuration changes made in attempt to keep it working properly during the recent and extended outages/performance issues). I already had a GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer switch Model 12724 connected to the hub before the hub reset.

I am unable to get that switch to “clear out” its prior information on the original hub pre-hub reset. At least that is what I suspect, as the switch is unable to pair with the newly reset hub. I have tried every combination that I can think of regarding doing the Z-wave general device exclusion, hitting on/off buttons on the switch (while the hub is sitting next to it), pulling the air gap switch on the light switch, killing the power to the switch at the breaker box.

The only instructions online that I have been able to find regarding what to do on the switch itself is “usually press a button on the device”

I love how the ST instructions for z-wave instructions say “follow device manufacturer’s instructions to exclude” and the GE instructions say “follow z-wave controller manufacturer instructions to exclude.” Really helpful.

I suspect once the switch is correctly excluded, it will connect correctly to the newly reset hub. That said, it is possible that the switch is already excluded but is just not connecting. I have tried everything there too. Hitting off button 10x times while trying to connect (which was what had worked previously), pulling air gap switch, hitting on/off, etc. Again, I have the hub sitting right next to the installed light switch.


I’m sure that’s frustrating! Support instructions are at the following link… Know that you must start with the device on power, but having been toggled off.

Personally, I would first throw power at the breaker. Turn the breaker back on. Wait five minutes. Make sure the airgap switch is pushed all the way in. Toggle switch off. Then follow the support instructions for a general exclude.

If it still doesn’t work after that, I would get in touch with support.


OK, dumb end user error. I kept missing the bit about turning the light on and off after you go into the exclusion part of the app. Once I did that, it properly excluded and then I was able to repair it easily. Thanks!


I seem to arrive back on this thread every few months after having trouble with zwave gen device exclusion; what worked for me on the GE Paddle In-Wall Z-wave Switch was:

  1. Went to Smartthings app on phone 2017 version 2.4.1
  2. Lower right MORE menu > tap Hub is Online
  3. Scroll down to z-wave utilities > general device exclusion
  4. using a plastic clip (sticking metal into a wall switch didn’t seem like a good tool), pop out the air gap tab which is the small rectangular (button looking item) on the bottom left under the paddle switch. Kills power to z-wave switch.
  5. With power to outlet on (switch on or off doesn’t matter) pushed air gap tab in back in (restores power to switch) and hit the top paddle (on) 10 times and then saw that the Smartthings app had excluded a device.

Adding the switch back I of course had to add it manually after not finding it in the initial search.

Hope this helps someone else in same situation.


Thanks for posting this -it was super helpful! Most of the “ge in wall paddle switch reset google searches” end up here. I didn’t even know that little tab pulled out.

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If Dave’s instructions still aren’t working, SmartThings support said that a General Device Exclusion doesn’t work through repeater devices. I had to move my hub within 20 feet and then I was able to successfully remove the dimmer.


Finally got this to work. Great post. Now to move my hub closer to my other problematic switch. Hopefully ST will realize most people don’t have a 150 ft ethernet cable lying around the house allowing them to move the ST hub within 20 ft of the problematic device!

This is where a Aeon Minimote comes in handy since it acts as a controller and you can exclude devices via that device. Super cheap and super helpful.

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Thank you, thank you!! Coming here years later from the top Google result. Using the Aeon Minimote saved me here. I don’t even use mine anymore for controlling devices and forgot it could act as a controller. Worked perfectly first time and this will make excluding switches far from the hub so much easier.

For the record, I was trying to migrate some GE Z-Wave paddle switches and dimmers from my SmartThings v1 hub to the v3 hub. I was unable to use either SmartThings hub’s exclude mode to reset my switches. Trying with each hub within 2 feet of one of the switches and nothing. Tried everything I could find online—pressing a single paddle once (per https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/205236370-GE-Z-Wave-Switches-and-Dimmers-and-Outlets ), pressing up 10 times, pressing 3 up/3 down…pulling the air gap switch out for 10 seconds and pushing back in before each of the above procedures. Nothing. Only other thing I hadn’t tried was killing the switch at the breaker.

I had seen this comment about using the Minimote, but thought it would just be a convenience thing for the switches that aren’t near the hub, so I went on to trying the other things. But I decided to dig out my Minimote before resorting to flipping breakers. Charged up the Minimote for 5 mins, pressed the “Remove” button, pressed the up paddle on my switch and instantly excluded the switch (minimote flashes blue). Switch disappeared from the SmartThings apps, and I was able to re-add to the v3 hub with no problem.

Anyway, I hope drawing more attention to this solution helps someone else try this before wasting their time with the other solutions.


Awesome tip on using the Minimote to exclude the GE dimmer switches.

For me the process to exclude the dimmer switches and get them migrated over to another hub went something like this:

  • press exclude button (labeled as - minus sign on my minimote) on Minimote and then press up on dimmer switch panel, note blue LED lights up on Minimote
  • pull out the “air tab” from the bottom of the GE dimmer switch for a few seconds and then push it back in
  • in new hub, start device discovery
  • press up on the dimmer switch to get it to register with the new device

Now I just need to figure out how to migrate the 100 other devices in my house to the new hub.

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So it appears that the Aeon Labs Minimote is no longer available. Are there any similar alternatives available that would accomplish the same thing? Moving my hub closer to my switches would be a difficult undertaking for me.

Minimote was discontinued over 3 years ago. Aeotec makes a zstick which works well to exclude devices: