Ge OutDoor Switch

Hi All,

Ok so Christmas is upon us and I invested in an outdoor GE controller… but it added into smartthings and then picked up the wrong device type. Couldn’t see the right device type in the IDE so I removed it and now it won’t add again… any ideas how to exclude it or reset it completely?

Follow the directions here:

It has directions for excluding

I can second that.
I grabbed the version from Lowes a few days ago for the same purpose, and while it seemed to pair out of the box, it didn’t work correctly until I removed it and added it again using: "Z-Wave Utilities"Tap "General Device Exclusion"Tap “Remove”

Mine worked right out of the box first try…works great (got it at Lowes)

Thanks for the instructions but its the outdoor black module and it just has an on off switch. Can’t get to exclude…any thoughts?

you excluded while it was close to the hub?

I dunno - seems like you should be able to delete/exclude it from the IDE interface

You should be able to exclude it after pressing remove by pressing the on/off button…

Thanks that did it finally!

anyone know if there is a way to make a GE outdoor switch default to on when power in applied?
plugged it into a switched outlet (for inside lamp) and would like it to turn on if I flip the dumb switch a couple times.

I have a new minimote on nightstand but would like to still be able to turn it on with switch from other side of room. thanks!

It’s designed to return to it’s previous state, and after looking at the specs for and advanced parameters, it doesn’t: