Items unavailable - Zwave - GE Outdoor modules

Just noticed I have 2 GE outdoor modules showing unavailable. Never had this on ANY DEVICE before. Shows offline in the IDE as well . Ran Zwave repair , one failed - no report on the other.

I do have 2 more of these not currently plugged in - might dig them out and try. Seems weird that 2 identical devices give this and nothing else.

I did try turning one on from the button on it and that works fwiw.

It can happen on occasion. I had a z-wave wall switch drop off once. Try a z-wave replace. If successful the device will adopt all its same network information so you don’t have to redo any automations.

Well - meanwhile I thought I’d remove one - only 1 automation for it. I forced an exclude. Then added it back - no issue at all and it worked. Tried the other one and it now was showing online.

Anyway - my automatons were still there, just no device in the list so added it and OK.