GE Outdoor Plug Odd Behavior

I’ve got a GE outdoor plug exhibiting odd behavior and I’m unsuccessful in troubleshooting thus far. Basically whats happening is, if I turn it on/off through the app, the actual plug turns on/off, but it seems like smartthings doesn’t recognize that its being toggled. It controls some lights behind some artificial hedge pieces so for the rest of this post I’ll refer to the “hedge lights.”

I have a program set via webcore that turns this plug (and a bunch of other plugs and switches) on at sunset and off at dawn. The rest of the program works perfectly but this one never does. Another outdoor outlet that works is even further away from the hub than the one in question so it doesn’t seem to be a range issue (that and the fact that when I click the button in the app it turns on and off instantly, no delay at all.)

When I look at the log of what happened, webcore says it didn’t turn the lights on because they were already on…however, they were not already on. The app thinks they’re on, however, which is the problem (webcore is running fine.)

When I go into the device and look at “recently” I only see off commands from the webcore program. I don’t see any of the clicks from the app (which actually turn the hedge lights on and off)

I’ve unpaired and repaired the device (it pairs just fine) and even swapped it with another plug. Tomorrow I’ll try moving it to another location, but I don’t understand why it would be a range issue as its about 5 feet away from another plug that works just fine (with line of sight) and 5 feet away on the other side from a z-wave light switch that also works just fine.

This is driving me crazy because everything else is working and I’ve got all sorts of programs running and about 75 device on the network that all work great.

Anyone else experience something like this?

Note I’ve also run a repair z-wave network and no errors.

  1. What is the model number of the plug?
  2. Are you using a custom dth for this?
  3. When you turn it on from the app, does it change to “turning on” and then “on”?

Sorry, forgot to include that I didn’t realize GE had more than one outdoor plug but it looks like they do! It’s this one…GE Enbrighten outdoor switch:

Using a standard device handler.

When I turn it on from the app from the “things” menu it changes directly from off to on, but if I then click on the device name its status is still “off”. Similarly if I click on from the device tab, it turns on but when I go back to the things list, it displays as off. As mentioned before, the lights turn on and off instantly every time, the device works fine, but its like smartthings doesn’t see it. Here’s an example:

The lights are currently on (back yard hedge lights):

I click the on button and they turn off and the button goes immediately to off:

Then I click into the device and it displays as on (even though the actual lights are now off):

If I click that one, it changes to off, but since the lights are off, nothing happens. If I then click it again the lights turn on immediately, so everything is working except smartthings keeping track of whats happened.

I just had a similar problem. Login to and find the device under the devices tab. Check and see if it has an entry for “switch” under the current states section.

Ah interesting…I logged into and the device says its offline. So weird that it works perfectly for turning on and off.

It does have an entry for switch under current states…but clearly, the OFFLINE is the problem. Will continue to troubleshoot.

I have some Leviton Z-wave switches that behaved like that. Offline in IDE, often wrong state in App, worked 100% via Alexa. In that case it was a firmware bug.

You do any Z-wave repairs when moving stuff around?

I did a z-wave repair after moving a bunch of stuff with no errors…I’m currently re-doing a bunch of things and when its all done I’ll run another z-wave repair and see how it goes.

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Also try unplugging the device from power for a minute or two. I have one that goes offline if not used for a loooong time.

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