GE 45636 Z-Wave Duplex Receptacle

I’m not new to Smartthings, but I have an odd issue that I can’t resolve. I have a setup with about 50+ Z-Wave and 50+ Zigbee devices, everything works with one exception. I recently added a GE 45636 Z-Wave Receptacle, it works and I have an automation setup in Smartthings to turn on a lamp on at sundown and off before bed. The receptacle simply starts showing up in the app as offline and you can’t turn it on or off manually. I’ll reset the circuit breaker that controls the receptacle and it will work for a while and then falls off the network again. Sort of. In the app it shows as offline and I can’t use the app or voice controls to turn it on or off. However, I have an automation that runs at sundown to turn on the light that is plugged into that receptacle and it will run without fail. It also will turn off at the designated time in the routine. I’m fine with the way it’s working, but I don’t understand how the same device can be offline and then work fine in the automation. It’s not a distance issue as I have 2 other Z-Wave switches (repeaters) within 4 feet of the receptacle that never show offline. How can Smarthings run the automation at the correct times every day, but the device is offline in the app?

The device shows up as a Z-Wave Switch in the IDE and shows that it runs locally but is offline. Resetting the circuit breakers is the only way to reboot the device and it will only show online for a day or so.

I also have a GE Wireless Duplex Receptacle 45605 about 10 feet away that I have absolutely no issues with, that one turns my coffee pot on in the morning, but works with the app or voice controls.

The two receptacles look virtually identical, but have different part numbers. I have another new 45605 ready to go, but I’d like to figure out why 45636 just goes offline, but still works with my automations.

Any ideas on how the device can report as offline and yet automations can trigger the device properly?