GE appliance plug

I have the GE smart plug/appliance plug that worked fine with the old hub. I thought I took this off the smartthings hub when switching to the hub v2, but I cannot get it to recognize this plug no matter what I do. I have tried pushing the button on it every 2 seconds to get it going. Also tired holding the button when plugging it in method and still nothing. Anyone ever have this problem or have a way to reset this plug with it not being on the app? (I did buy a new one that works, but didn’t want to just throw this one away)

Did you exclude it from the hub?

It doesn’t matter which hub you use to run the exclusion.

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I spent almost an hour on this the other day…and with your reply it took my about 5 minutes to get it working! Thank you. I forgot about the excluding that I could do on the new hub and went right to it and it works perfect. Thank you again for taking time to reply to this and helping me out to get this plug to work.

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