GE In-wall switch issues?

Hey guys/gals,

I hooked up my Christmas lights to a GE (Jasco) plug that is outside on my porch. I ended up excluding and re-pairing with it. For some reason though, IDE saw it as a generic switch, so I changed it, but it will not turn on/off with the app. I’m able to manually turn it on by pressing the button on the switch. Anyone know how to reset these or is it just hosed?

Which DTH did you assign to it? I use Z-Wave Switch on mine.

Thanks for the quick reply…

Yes, I used Z-wave Switch on it. same as what the other ones are. That’s what confuses me, as I have other ones that work fine.

if you bring it inside, does it work?

I can try, it’s one that’s wired in, not just a plug in, but I can try that.

Oh, sorry! My bad! my mind was thinking one of the outdoor plugs.

No biggie…I bought one of those…if I could find it. :slight_smile:

I have one of this outlet you are talking about and it’s a mesh issue. You can try z-wave exclusion in the ST app and press the button on the outlet. It did not work for me due to distance so I ended up bringing the hub close to the outlet. Added it back, put the hub back to the original location and do a z-wave mesh repair. If you don’t have another repeater in between the outlet and the hub then it’s not going to work all the time.

Interesting…I have done the exclusion several times, should I try the mesh repair?

So the exclusion and inclusion successful? If it was then definitely do a mesh repair.

Thanks I was hoping it might be something simple. Will let you know, thanks guys.

what’s the distance from the nearest z-wave hard wired device? Metal box? Brick?

Hey Matt. It’s not too far, probably 10 feet, the box is plastic in wood. I might just try putting a different switch in there tonight and see if that fixes it.

yeah you’re right 10 ft is pretty close!