GE / Networx NX-592E ( NX-4x0-xx) module as secondary controller to STv2

My alarm panel is GE / Networx NX-6V2. This alarm panel has number of add-on modules available, of which one is the NX-592E Cellular Module. For users, the model number changes to NX-400-US-XXX, where “XXX” is the carrier. My module is NX-410-US-VZ which is the Verizon LTE version of the Cellular Module. All of these modules have a built in Zwave controllers for home automation and controlled using’s APP.

I’m trying to add the NX-410-US-VZ as a secondary zwave controller to my ST. Googling, it seems all that needs to be done is to push zwave button to enter the “learn mode” on the NX-410-US-VZ module and go to the “add new things” in the ST App. I’ve tried numerous times, power cycled, etc., but ST doesn’t see the NX-410-US-VZ module.

Any suggestions as to what I doing wrong? Are there any special steps for adding a secondary controller to ST? Thanks.

Link to the NX-592E manual.

Did you ever figure this out?? I am looking to do the same thing.

I see that you gentlemen have had this discussion a while ago. Did you figure this out? I’d be interested how.

No. I never got it to work.