Light dimming - lowest setting is 10%

I have the GE Link bulb. Using the “lights and switches” feature to making dimming changes throughout the day. But the “lights and switches” ON schedule only let’s you dim to 10% at the low end.

Is there a way to dim to 4%? I can change the lighting level manually with the brightness bar to 4%, but it’s kind of dumb the “lights and switches” function limits you to 10%. Could easily have been a analog bar that you adjust instead of a 10-level selector.

You can certainly dim below 10% if the device supports it, just not with Lights & Switches directly. I have to dim some LED bulbs to 1% to get anything close to the dim level I want. You will need a smart app that lets you specify the dim level, and decide how to trigger it. One way to do this is to use a Momentary Button Tile device (which you create in the IDE) that is subscribed to in the smart app, along with the devices you want to dim. Then you can “turn on” the Momentary Button Tile either in Lights & Switches or Hello Home phrases. There are other ways to do this also, but you’re going to need a smart app involved to specify the dim level you want.

Another consideration: I ran into an issue with a dimmer connected to an LED bulb. the bulb would operate just fine at 10%, however, it would not light from an off state at 10%. I handled this in a SmartApp by arbitrarily dimming to 30% then dimming to the selected level. I didn’t troubleshoot this to a point to conclude if this issue was being caused by the dimmer or the LED bulb. Just something to think about if you are looking a very low dim states and may be the justification for the mainstream solution to have some limit to how low it will go.