GE Link bulbs - will they ever work?

Trying to get any updates on the GE Link bulbs and their propensity to drop off the SmartThings Zigbee network. It seems to be the consensus that this is a bulb firmware issue. Will this be something that’s resolved in the (forseeable) future via an OTA firmware update?

Alternatively, are there any reliable outdoor LED floodlight bulbs available as an alternative to the GE Link bulb? I’d like something that’s functionally equivalent and that runs locally on V2 hubs.

I would assume using a smart switch instead of a smart bulb would be a much better way to go. Is there no switch currently connected to the flood lights?

Wow, you made me realize I haven’t had a drop in months. Random success…Knock on wood…

I’d like to be able to individually control the bulbs in the lights fixtures if possible. Some are pointed in different directions and I like the flexibility of turning on only the bulb that’s needed to illuminate the area in question.

Just curious, what version of hub are you using? I’m on V1, bought my 3 bulbs eons ago, and they have always been rock solid. They are all located in the same room as the hub and power is only cut to them when the power actually goes out. I’m thankful that I don’t have the issues that others seem to have. Just curious if it’s that they are probably talking directly to the hub with no hops.

I will be most likely moving to a new place this summer and am trying to decide if I should upgrade to V2 or stay on my V1 and maybe try and buy a second V1 as a spare.

My 7 bulbs have been fairly solid over the last 2 years, maybe 3 or 4 drop outs. All within 15 metres of the V1 hub though.

My are generally well behaved. The occasional drop is quickly resolved by switching off and back on at the power source.

I only have 2, and actually use them in sync with my garage lights and in sync with garage door open. Not on that long but get a lot of on/off cycles and run at 10 or 20%. No drop outs in 1 1.2 years at all.

It was mentioned in the Osram OTA update thread that the GE link would be getting one too.

That would be great news if they get an update that fixes this soon. Do you have a link to the Osram thread where it’s mentioned?

Also, I’m using these with a V2 hub. It’s possible (maybe likely?) that some are not directly connected to the hub. The power to the bulbs is stable, and sometimes the bulbs work fine for months on end, and other times they only work for a day and then need a power cycle or factory reset.

nevermind, looks like I interpreted wrong

Not sure if this will help but just wanted to post I have been having trouble with GE link bulbs not working on both SmartThings and Wink since 2014. The bulbs would not turn on and off, constantly disconnect, and turn on randomly. However, since pairing all of my GE link bulbs on a separate hue version 2 hub all by themselves with no other bulbs connected to the hue hub and then syncing through the SmartThings app the bulbs have not disconnect and worked flawlessly over the last two months. The only downside is it requires purchasing the 60 dollar hue hub.

I finally threw away all my GE Link bulbs. My Zigbee mesh has been flawless ever since. Best move.

What did you replace them with? I’m having issues now with mine and Hubitat, even though ironically they worked great (mostly) with ST.

I have a few Cree’s as well but they’ve had their own issues.

Mostly replaced wth GE Z-wave smart switches, but also with some Cree bulbs and one other cheap brand that I can’t recall the name of.

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