GE Link bulb issues

I have 47 GE Link bulbs connected to ST. 2 Par38, 15 A19 Daylights, 30 A19 Warm White. Since starting with ST a month and half ago I’ve not really had any major issues. Occasionally I needed to reset a bulb here or there but fit the last week or so a few dropped putt and resetting them did not work. I ended up deleting them from ST last night and re-added and they worked great.

This evening though none of the bulbs are working. All still show up in the app but none respond.

Anyone else having issues??

Try rebooting your hub?

Yes, I pulled the batteries, power cord and counted to the magic number of 10. Nothing different. I reset two bulbs and re-added to ST without deleting from the app first, those two came back to life, non off the rest.

I have also been having issues with a few bulbs lately

I have not experienced a disconnect issue but my GE LINK bulbs keep turning on and off for no reason…its driving me/wife crazy

I have been having issues with all my zigbee for 3 weeks or so, including my GE bulbs. I pinged ST support and got:

  1. environmental (no issues for a year, now I do)
  2. Range (no issues for a year, now I do)
  3. GE bulbs are known wonky devices (does not explain the Osrams doing it too)
  4. See 1 again
  5. See 2 again
  6. See 3 again
  7. May be related to Database issues we are having, but will offer you 10%off V2 hub just in case it is the hub, but please see 1,2, and 3 again.