GE Link bulb issues.....anyone else?

I have been using GE Link bulbs for a long time since V1 hub, then upgrade to V2 hub and just recently they all started acting up…worked fine before.

They would stop working, I go turn them off then on and then they work.

Then they stopped working completely. I reset the bulbs and then added them again they worked.

Now I cannot even add them back in to ST.

Any ideas other then stop using them and swap them out with phillips white bulbs?

I have Philips Hue hub and a few colored bulbs, would replace the GE with the $15 white ones.

You can try moving them over to the hue bridge, change your WiFi router channel so there will be less interference with the ST hub or move your ST hub to a different location.

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My GE Link bulbs turn on and off on their own. They will turn on at 3AM which sucks.

I’ve had about (20) of them for about a year and they’ve worked very well. I even have had 5 or more of them outside over the winters up here in upstate NY and they were flawless. However, over the last day or so, they have stopped reporting the percentage. They dim up and down and turn on and off as before without issue. They just don’t report what percentage they are at.

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Ditto. Though I only have about a dozen GE Link bulbs that I’ve been using since late September 2015, with a Hue bridge at first and then with my ST v2 hub (after giving the Hue bridge to my daughter) and they’ve performed flawlessly with both controllers.

I tried having them on the Phillips hue hub and they would work but they would stop reporting also with the ! On them.

Why would wifi interfere with them, are they on the same bandwidth? 2.4???

Zigbee operates on the same frequency as 2.4GHz wifi networks.

I found my GE link bulbs to be unreliable, falling off the network randomly. Changed to Cree connected bulbs and so far so good.

Well, I had hope for 1 day…I tried to reset them and they did and they started working.

But 1 day went by and they stopped. Guess they are getting swapped out

I learned long ago to only use GE bulbs in places where I could easily power cycle them. Since V2 I think I have only had to completely reset one a couple times in the last year. Before that it was almost a daily routine on Securifi and Wink hubs. At least 1 would drop off.
Past couple weeks though even my Osram bulbs and 1 of my Hue strips ( connected to Hue hub) have need to be powercycled. So I definitely have something in the area messing with my meshes.

I am walking away from my GE bulbs. Can’t take how unreliable they are.

I started this journey with something like 25+ GE link bulbs.

I quickly learned my mistake.

I’ve since replaced all but five with hue bulbs.

And those are going to be replaced soon.

I’ll have 8 or 9 GE link bulbs for sale if anyone wants them.

5 bucks each plus shipping.

He wants your bulbs, won’t pay $5.