GE\Jasco switch stopped responding to commands

OK, If a bunch of GE switches all failed at once, you have other zwave devices which are working, and you’ve already tried unplugging the hub to force a re-sync with the cloud account, then the likely candidates are:

  1. A bad repeater somewhere which all of those devices happened to be using for routing. I know you said you ran a zwave repair: what error messages did you get?

  2. A cloud change in the DTH that is being used. Just as an example, twice the DTH used by GE devices was switched so that you had to press the top of the switch to turn it off and the bottom of the switch to turn it on. Each time this was fixed after a week or two, and each time there was no announcement of either the problem or the fix.

So go into the IDE and see what DTH they are using and if it is eligible to run locally or not. Compare that with the DTH which is being used by the Z wave devices which do work.

Try changing the DTH for one of the GE switches ( preferably the one which is physically closest to the hub) to the Z wave tweaker and see if the tweaker can communicate with the switch. You won’t be able to turn it on or off, but to see if you can get a report on the configuration. If you can, change that individual switch back to the previous DTH and see if it works then.

If the tweaker can’t communicate with the switch either, then you may just have to wait for support.