Z-Wave receptacles dropping offline

Over the past year I have been having my 4 GE Z-wave receptacles dropping off line at quite an usual rate.
They have been installed for over 3 years and have had only one pesky one drop the odd time.
This is a pain as the switches have a nice power disconnect on the face plate but the sockets have to be removed from the wall and re-powered from the wire side to get back online.

As is the norm these days the RF in the area is getting more intense with everyone and his dog broadcasting something.
Is the old Z-Wave not robust enough to muddle through? I have had no real issues with other Z-Wave products such as switches and I have 15+.
Maybe I’m destined to upgrade to Z-Wave+? :frowning:

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :scream: There’s not much that interferes with zwave, usually just old baby monitors and old cordless phones.

Try the following thread and see if it gives you any ideas:

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