GE Jasco Add-On Switch - Groups & Double-Tap

I’m using the NuttyTree DTH for these switches, and the groups (basically treats multiple switches like a single switch) work great as long as you are using the line-powered switch. If you use any of the add-on switches, it doesn’t support Groups or Double-Tap.

Below is a snippet of my IDE log when I ran a simple on/off command from the switch. The red box is the add-on switch and the green box is the line-powered switch, which activated the additional switches set in group 2.

This is where I get stuck / over my head. There is clearly a separate “basic report” sent when the switch behaves the way I want it to. Is this information sent from the dimmer switch? Or is it generated somehow by the DTH? It’s not clear to me what is generating the information in the log.

Lastly, is there anything to be done in a DTH that would take the information in the red box and make it look like the information in the green box? Would that actually make the add-on switches support Groups and double-tap? (again, unclear to me since it’s not obvious who’s talking to who in the log file)

I appreciate any help here.

The problem for me in reality is I have a basement stairs light that, when switched on, should turn on the other lights in the basement. There’s never a time to go down the stairs and not need the other lights on. Of course, the switch at the TOP of the stairs is the add-on, and the line-powered one is at the bottom of the stairs. So my whole reasoning behind buying these switches to support groups and double-tap for this set of lights is dead in the water… by the time you reach the line powered light at the bottom of the stairs, the other lights switches to turn on are in on the same switch plate.

I think double tap is broken for a while now. Why don’t you use smart lighting and set a rule to turn on the basement lights when stair light on? Turning off is tricky but not impossible depending on what and how you want it off.

Double-tap and groups work fine from the powered switch - just not add-ons.

I have it working through smart lighting now, but there’s a long enough delay it’s not unusual to reach the bottom of the stairs before the basement lights start to come on. Using groups, it’s instantaneous.

Why don’t you swap the master and add on? Wiring configuration is not doable?
It’s longer because it’s a dimmer. The status update is much longer due to ramp rate.

Correct, unfortunately not possible because there isn’t a neutral wire where the add-on switch is currently installed.

This scenario plays out multiple times in my house, too. The “main” switch used for the kitchen is where an add-on switch is installed, so the double-tap feature is rendered useless on that one (would be great for turning on all main room floor lights).

Looking at this site. Which wiring configuration do you have?

How did you tet the double tap feature in the SmartLight App? I have these switches but have not seen where to set the double tap triggers.

If you have everything setup properly then the double-taps show up as “buttons” in both the IDE and the SL app. Button #1 is the double-tap up and #2 is down. So in SL you just trigger off “Button gets pressed”.

Perhaps that is my issue. How do you “setup properly”? I have added them all via the Things “Add a Thing” and discovered them that way. They were all discovered, but as just a regular Z-wave switch. They currently do not show up as buttons for the double tap feature. Seems like I am missing a piece/step.

I’ll have to open up the box and see. What I remember is there not being any neutral wire present in one box… Only a traveler and a load. Maybe they just trimmed it right down to the romex sheathing so I couldn’t see it.

They shouldn’t have trimmed it to the romex. They would have capped it off

“shouldn’t have” is right, but in my house I found that in a lot of cases. I have been going back and capping them off as I find them when I changed out all my switches. Its really disappointing to see so many corners cut - very little time or money on caps saved.

Yeah, I’m just about certain that the stock DTH does not support the double-tap feature. So you have to change that out to use one which does. This is the one I use, there’s also a similar thread for Dimmers.