Is there a DTH for the GE Z-Wave Plus Fan Switch (14287) that supports Double Tap?

I just installed one of these switches. If I use the Fan Controller DTH (“My GE Fan Control Switch”), it works great, but does not expose the switch’s double tap functionality. However, if I use the dimmer DTH (“GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch”), I can set up the double tap just fine, but it is more awkward to control the fan speeds as the dimmer DTH does not jump to the low/med/high settings, but varies the level over the compete 0-100 range.

Is there a DTH that will treat it as a fan switch, but also expose the Double Tap functionality?


Sorry, I missed that you were asking about the fan switch. I don’t believe that switch does have double tap functionality, I wouldn’t think it would work given the way the fan speed control works. Have you seen something that says it does support double tap? I didn’t see anything in the manual.

If I use NuttyTree’s “GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch” device handler, double tap works on the switch. At the moment, using that DTH, I’ve entered another light (dimmer switch) device ID into the association group 3 field and can turn the other device on & off by double taping the fan switch. I also couldn’t find any documentation, but the funciton sure appears to be there!

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Interesting! Hopefully someone will create a combined DTH for it if it does work reliably. :sunglasses:

If it’s based on Association, did you try just shifting back to the original DTH and see if you still have the double tap?

Tried it. Switched back to the Fan DTH and the association stayed. I can still double tap and control the other light. However, I am unable to access the double taps as buttons if I were to do anything other than an association. Thanks for the idea, though. Gets me partial functionality!


Any progress on a full functioning DH for these new fan switches?

I’m a bit late to the game but you can check out out the device handler I made

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Wow, had no idea these supported double tap. I’ll try out your device handler this weekend.