GE in-wall dimmer connection issue

Bought a brand new ge in wall dimmer switch and hooked it up in a 3 way with a add on. Both switches work great normally (by hand) so not a wiring issue. It paired with my V2 hub but after pairing the status switches to inactive and then will not respond to any commands sent. I have paired and repaired about 5 times now, still the same issue.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and resolved it? I searched the forums but no one seems to have the exact same issue.
Thanks in advance for any help.

There’s a few suggestions to try here…

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Thanks, I have tried everything on that list except the repair running that now, we’ll see if that works.

As I was building out my home network I had a couple spots that was hit and miss with my devices. I ended up using one of my portable GE Outdoor plugs that I use for seasonal lighting and plugged it in at the midpoint of the problem device to act as a Z-wave range extender and the next closest repeater device. Then I would run the Z-wave repair. This helps me determine how severe a problem I have based on the mesh network. When I verified I had improved the communications to the hub it gave me a priority to add a more permanent extender device like an in-wall light switch in that area.

My wife still thinks I was just wanted to have an excuse to add another “thing” :grinning: Come to think of it, I did seem to find a lot of convenient “weak” spots.


I ran the z wave repair still no luck, Dalec I think you might be right I ordered some more switches so hopefully building up the network will help.

I read a while ago in the forums that ST was working on some diagnostic tools specifically related to working on mesh issues so that we would be able to find these problems. So hopefully that didn’t go away.

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Got my new switches today so put in two more between the hub and the switch that didn’t work. After that it still wasn’t working even after a few removals from the hub. Replaced with another new switch and worked perfectly.
So I guess the z-wave radio is bad? How often does that happen also don’t have my receipt or box anymore, has anyone tried to get GE to replace one?

I haven’t had one go bad but I only have about 4 GE’s

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I called them, officially Jasco not GE. They said they will do a one time replacement since I don’t have my receipt. Normally they will replace the switch if it goes bad the support person said. Mailing it tomorrow so we will see what happens.
I have 5 switches total now, I’m just hoping I bought a bad one and that’s pretty rare.

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