Ge zwave plus dimmers-zwave problems/ model before new embrighten

Has anyone noticed that after a zwave repair the zwave plus functionality does not work until the dimmers are power cycled/ air-gapped?

At first I thought it was just one that had failed and returned it for a replacement, but after looking into it, it seems all the Ge zwave plus dimmers do this.

What I mean is that they mostly work, you can turn on and off, but status when they are manually changed is greatly delayed or not sent at all to the hub.

Most importantly zwave association control does NOT work at all until the dimmer is power cycled.

So since remote control mostly works you might now notice that after a zwave repair the dimmers seem to be partially hung or something.

I checked the Ge zwave plus dimmers and the firmware is not the earliest and is a later firmware

w:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3038 ver:5.26 zwv:4.34 lib:03

How long is your zwave repair taking? Any errors during the repair?

Thanks for responding!

Just did another zwave repair. 9 minutes, no errors.

Then walk through house.

Any zwave plus dimmer, that are not Ge brand, instant status working.

Non of the Ge zwave plus instant report.

Air gap them one at a time, then the Ge zwave plus also instant report!!

Interesting. Maybe @Kianoosh_Karami knows what is happening.

I have on order one of the new Ge zwave plus dimmers, “enbrighten” and will see if the firmware remains the same.


Do you have any Ge zwave plus dimmers?

Is it possible that this is related in some way to how SmartThings sends out the zwave repair messages?