GE 12724 Dimmer Device Handler

(Takis) #1

Hello all, i have recently added a lot of GE 12724 Dimmers. When i added them i added them through connect now, said 1 device found and if i go under my Device list i see that they are all categorized as : Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic. They work fine but there is no control for the blue indicator LED. I was thinking of changing the device handler, but wanted to know what is the default or what you guys are using for it, thanks!

(Ben W) #2

They must have just moved it! Its under the gear setting of the switch using the “Dimmer Switch” Device handler.

(Takis) #3

thanks for the quick reply i see what you are saying… its under the “settings” menu.
So i had to experiment with the device handler… the Generin one doesnt have the option, but the one you mention (Dimmer Switch) does have it under the settings menu (gear icon). I will change all my devices to this, thanks !

(Andrea Bianco) #4

Glad you found that , , , I would have crazy looking for it the next time needed. Use to be right when you opened the device on the app. THANK YOU for saving a grey hair or 2 :slight_smile:

(Ben W) #5

If you want to adjust the ramp rate of the dimmer switch you can use my device handler. I use it to set the rates, and once I am happy move back to the official DH (for local control, it is faster fro smartlighting). The settings are sent and stored on the dimmer.

(Takis) #6

i didnt even know i could do this! Thats pretty awesome actually! Thanks!

(Ben W) #7

I actually typed up the post how its right there on the DH. Luckily I decided to double chek what DH I am using and it was gone.