GE Dimmer Switch not working

Ok so i have a fan with 2 switches. One for the fan, the other for the light. The fan control is a standard dumb control, not the light is hooked up to a GE Zwave Dimmer Switch.

For about 2 years everything has been fine, until now. The light will not come on. The switch is still showing online in ST and toggling the switch will effect the status online.

The light bulbs are good. The fan itself is working.

Where should i start in troubleshooting this problem?


If the dimmer has an air gap, pull it to reboot the switch. Otherwise, reboot via the breaker.

If that doesn’t do it, then I’d pull the switch and test for voltage between the switched hot terminal (the one going to the light) and neutral with the dimmer on and ramped up. If you don’t have voltage, then the switch has probably failed.

Adding to @Bry these switches come with a 2 year warranty so depending on when you bought it you might be able to get a new one under warranty. You might want to reach out to Jasco support for help.

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Thank you for the help.

I had a dumb switch to test the fixture. It worked. So i knew it was the Z Wave switch that was bad. I had a spare one so i swapped it out.

I just found it odd that the switch still responded within ST.

Two separate functions, really. You have a constantly powered Zwave radio to talk to the hub AND you have the circuitry that clips the wave to make the dimmer work.