GE zw3005/ Jasco 14294-3

I just replaced an old dumb dimmer (predates leds). It controls 4 led ceiling lights. Zwave and paddles will turn on and off but no dimming on either. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Are the LED bulbs you’re controlling actually dimmable? Do you have a zwave dimmer on the circuit or a switch?

Yes, the old school dimmer dimmed them fine. The switch is the dimmer.

What is the model of the dimmer you are using? What country are you in? What bulbs are you controlling? It’s hard to troubleshoot this without specific information.

Edit: My bad, your thread title lists the model. What bulbs though? It’s possible that your bulbs do not have enough current draw to work with the dimmer properly.

Us. I’m not sure of the bulb. I think they are the home depot house brand that screw into high hats

Without more specific information I suspect they are just not compatible with your new zwave dimmer. Some LED bulbs, even when listed as dimmable just don’t play well with some dimmers.

I tried two of these to no avail. Had a leviton lying around from another project and works beautifully.