GE Wink bulbs

Is anyone having issues controlling GE Wink bulbs? I have 6 bulbs that all stopped responding last night (5/22/15). The app responds as though all is well but the bulbs just stay on. All other z-wave and ziggbee products are working fine. I tried resetting the hub and power cycled the bulbs and no luck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Everything good here.

Try rebooting your hub. (Unplug and leave un-powered for 60 seconds) That normally fixes any problems with my zigbee stuff.

right now all mine are working, I started to have weird issues at my house. 7 of my 8 bulbs stopped working. It turned out one of the bulbs had started to not work correctly and was closest to the hub so all the other bulbs routed thru that bulb and all didn’t work correctly. took about 2 weeks to trouble shoot that. if you put the hub in inclusion mode and one by one remove power to the bulb for 3 seconds then power back on that may help them resync back up