GE 12727 not turning on light

I installed a GE 12727 Smart Switch (toggle type) and I appear to have it wired correctly but it’s not turning the light on and off when the switch is moved. Based on what I see on my voltmeter the switch is wired and functioning correctly. For what it’s worth I can’t seem to discover the switch with the smartthings app either.

When the switch is “off” I get 120 volts from the black wire to the neutral and 5 from the red wire to the neutral. When the switch is turned “on” I get 120 from the black to neutral and 120 from the red to the neutral.

The light fixture, if it matters, is a halogen floodlight that was working the moment before I disconnected the old switch.

Did you use the short screws that came with the switch?

Use them for what? I don’t have the coverplate back on yet.

Is the red wire your load wire to the light?

Do you hear the relay in the switch ?

If you use long screws for the cover the switch will not work.

Yes red is load I believe.

The cover is not installed.

Your need to be sure? Line goes to line connec5ion, white typically to neutral bundle, then usually black to light? But load could be any color? Is in a single switch with 1 light or in a 3 way circuit?

Single switch. Other than swapping the black and red on the switch is there another way to tell?

Did you happen to take a picture before you removed old switch wiring?

Is line in the switch box or is it in the light in the overhead. Some lights have the power coming from the light then down through the switch?

Not sure I understand the question. Red black and green were attached to old switch, but it’s a crowded box and hard to tell what comes from where. Had to install a jumper from the neutral bundle.

Switch off

Switch on

It should be working, IAW it is compatible with halogen bulbs, you could check the socket to see if the voltage is there.

It’s a good 15’ up but I’ll try that tomorrow.

We should probably get an electrician opinion. @Navat604. Are you willing to shed some light on this for us?

Is it worth trying swapping the red and black or will that damage the switch?

I don’t think it will damage the switch. I’ve seen others wire it backwards and swap it and the switch still worked afterwards. Hard to say since I really don’t understand what’s up with it.